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Fishing in Spain

Spain has salt water fishing, including big game fishing, along its coasts, and fresh water fishing in the many rivers and lakes.
Spain is a paradise for fishermen with its 2,000 km Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline and over 75,000 km of rivers and thousands of lakes and reservoirs. Salmon are found in streams and rivers in the Cantabrian range and in Galicia, and trout are common in the upper reaches of rivers throughout Spain. Sea fishing is very popular, particular among locals, and you can fish without a license from the shores, but note that fishing is not allowed from many beaches, so it is better to rent a boat and go out to sea.

The Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines are ideal for fishing. Many of the marinas provide everything required for a day of open sea fishing and in most ports you can find day trip organizers at reasonable prices. Common saltwater fish include grouper, sea bream, mackerel, cod, tuna, mullet, bonito, swordfish and various species of shark. Swordfish are found from July to September off the coasts of
Almeria, Granada and Malaga, as well as in the bay of Cadiz.

There is tuna fishing in the open sea around Barbete , Zahara or Conil in Cadiz, and Isla Christina in Huelva. The Canaries are in the great fishing grounds of the Atlantic, where some of deep-sea fishermen's largest catches, like marlins, tuna and sharks, are found in abundance.

Spain has much to offer the angler and offers fish including large babel and carp in its
rivers and lakes. 26 rivers draining the Cantabrian range and the Galician Coast alone are entered by salmon. Spain offers good sport when it comes tofly fishingand in some areas, trout grow impressively large. Freshwater fishing requires a license, valid for one, three or five years and issued by regional governments. Licenses are available from various organizations such as town halls, savings banks and regional offices, and some regional governments issue them online. There are both public and private waters in Spain and you will need an additional permit to fish some really good waters.

The fishing season varies depending on the particular species of fish, e.g. the trout season starts in March and the salmon season commences on the first Sunday in March. The salmon season closes on the second Sunday in July and the trout season at the end of August or September. On most rivers there are restrictions on the number of licenses issued each day and on the size of fish (and often the number) that may be caught, and the bait and technique that can be employed.

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