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Driving in Spain
By car you can get away from the tourist places and experience the "real" Spain, where the Spaniards live.
As a destination Spain has much to offer the resolute traveller, from a rich cultural heritage and breath-taking scenery to temperate weather and delicious national dishes.

The best way to explore Spain is undoubtedly by car. On four wheels you have the freedom to explore Spain at your own pace and discover those hidden gems often missed when on the usual tourist trail.

There are endless kinds of routes you can take when driving across Spain, most of which take in the major cities and the sparkling Spanish coastline.

You could start in the north of Spain, in the often-overlooked city of
Bilbao on the northern coast. This vibrant, modern city is known as the capital of the Basque Country and offers visitors an alternative glimpse of Spanish life.

From Bilbao travel through the Spanish countryside, heading to the east coast of the country. Enjoy the dazzling scenery, peppered with olive groves and sleep little villages and remember to stop off at Pamplona, where you will find the annual running-of-the-bulls festival made famous by Ernest Hemingway.

Continue your car journey to the popular east coast and indulge in the delights of cosmopolitan
Barcelona. Visit the stunning Gaudi buildings and parks, relax on the beach and party the night away until the sun comes up.

For some much needed rest and relaxation, head south along the coast to the comparatively sedate city of
Valencia. Here the pace of life is relaxed and you can sample local paella dishes in many of the rustic restaurants.

Next drive inland, to the Spanish capital
Madrid, where architecture meets contemporary art and al-fresco drinking is a popular activity with the locals. Madrid is the perfect place to hop from bar to bar and enjoy a cool beer or tinto de verano (drink of the summer) in a sun-drenched plaza.

After Madrid, head south to
Malaga, the birthplace of world-famous artist Pablo Picasso . Further along, you will find Cadiz on the west coast with its plethora of white sandy beaches and the opportunity to party all night in the many packed bars and nightclubs.

Exploring the country by road is simply the best way to experience its true beauty. Travelling around Spain by car will give you the chance to see things off the beaten track, engage with locals and visit tiny authentic villages nestled in the spectacular Spanish countryside.

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