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Spanish Costas

Spain is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and contrasting coastlines and the main problem could be, which to pick.

The Costa del sol is probably one of the most well-known of the Spanish seaside destinations with nearly 100 miles of sun kissed sandy beach. Costa del Sol is located on the Mediterranean coast in southern Spain in the Andalucia Province.Malaga is the capital of the region but there are many other well-known cities along the cost like Marbella,Puerto Banus, Estepona,Torremolinos,Fuengirola, Mijas , to name a few. Costa del Sol is not only famous for its beaches, restaurants, hotels and cities, but for its many beautiful golf courses .

On the east coast of Spain is Costa Blanca (or white coast) with miles of white sandy beaches which stretch from the town of Denia in the north to Torrevieja in the south. This is a particular good region for watersports such as snorkeling or scuba diving. Just a short trip inland will lead you to an assortment of unspoiled mediaeval towns and villages, many with their surrounding walls and fortresses still intact.
Costa Blanca is a great place for a family holiday with many theme parks and other activities available. It is also popular with those looking for some nightlife and there are many late night clubs to cater for this type of holiday.Alicante is the main city on Costa Blanca. Among other popular cities are:Benidorm,Altea,Javea,Santa Pola,Guardamarand Torrevieja.

Costa Brava is a 160 kilometers stretch of beautiful, alternating sandy and rocky coastline in the region of Catelonia in the northeast corner of Spain, set against the backdrop of the spectacular Pyrenees Mountains. As well as beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, there are a number of mediaeval monasteries and other picturesque towns and villages to be explored.Girona is the capital of Costa Brava, Lloret de Maris the greatest resort city o Costa Brave. Among other resort cities are:Tossa del Mar , Blanes , Roses ,L'Estartit, Palafrugell, Palamos and Sant Pere Pescador.

Stretcing from the French/Spanish border to the Portugal/Spanish border the Costa Verde (Green Coast) is over 1400 kilometers long. In contrast to the Mediterranean coast resorts which tend to be sun baked, the Costa Verde is lush and green with dense green forests and foliage. Mile upon mile of sandy beaches and many quaint villages make this a great holiday destination whish also tends to be a Little quieter than the other coastal areas.

The Costa de la Luz , which means the coast of light, is a section of the Andalusian coast, stretching 300 kilometers of coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean, extending from Tarifa/Gibraltar at the southernmost tip of Spain, north and northwestward, along the coast of the Cadiz and Huelva provinces, to the mouth of Guadiana River at the Portuguese boarder.

Spain has so much to offer, the list of holiday destinations and opportunities seems almost endless and that is before you take into account the Spanish Islands resorts, Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea is possible the most well-known but also the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Sea, off the coast of Africa, is very popular and a favorite destination for many in the winter months.

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