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Costa Verde

Costa Verde (the Green Coast) is the name of a major part of the northern coast of Spain, facing the Bay of Biscay.
Together with Costa Vasca, Costa Verde stretches from the border of France and all the way west to Galicia, and forms the coast line of the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias. The climate is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Sea and the Bay of Biscay, in the summer the weather is usually nice, sunny and warm, but you can get rainy periods. In the winter it is often wet, but still quite mild. Many Spaniards prefer to spend their summer holidays on Costa Verde and Costa Vasca. Foreign tourist have now also discovered this beautiful part of Spain.
The area has a lot of history and some very interesting cities. Bilbao, founded in the 14th century, is the Basque Countries largest city. It houses the Guggenheim Museum of modern art, which has achieved international renown. It also has a beautiful old quarter that boasts a Gothic cathedral and its city hall building. Another Basque city, San Sebastian, was in the past, one of the summer places most frequented by the aristrocracy. It is a beautiful resort and cultural center, which has preserved a rare cosmopolitan and distinguished air.
A well visited place among the Spaniards is Santander, the capital city of Cantabria. The city is overlooking the Bay of Biscay, has wounderfull beaches, and a lot of facilities for tourists. There are muny very good restaurants, not only in Santander, but all along the coast, and the sea food you can get is among the best in the world.
20 kilometers northeast of Bilbao is a relatively small town named Guernica, its only has about 15,000 inhabitants, but is world famous for two reasons. In April 1936 twenty-eight Nazi bombers attacked the city and killed between 250 and 1,600 poeople, and many more were injured. The Spanish government commissioned Pablo Picasso to paint a large mural for the Spanish display at the Paris Internatioal Exposition in 1937. The Guernica bombing inspired Picasso. Within 15 days of the attack, Pablo Picasso began painting this mural. The painting, called Guernica, is world famous and not only considdered to be one of the best paintings by Picasso, but also one of the best paintings of our time.

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