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Activities in Spain

Spain has many activities to offer its visitors. Among the most popular are watersports, golfing, sailing, fishing, cycling and hiking.
Swimming, water-skiing, jetskiing and windsurfing facilities can be found at nearly all seaside destinations. These can be busy in the summer months. Spain's premier windsurfing and kitesurfing destination is Tarifa, on the Straits of Gibraltar.

Inland lakes in the regions of Castilla and Extremadura also have goos facilities for windsurfing. Whitewater rafting and canoing are practiced on the rapids in northern Spain. Centers are well equipped and have skilled staff.

Sailing is very popular, both around the coasts and inland. There are many harbors and over 100 sailing clubs exists, most of which are located near the Mediterranean. Diving is also popular, permits can be acquired from the relevant regional authorities.

Excellent opportunities exist for all types of fishing. The rivers and streams of the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa offer good freshwater game fishing, while trout is abundant throughout the country.
For freshwater fishing, permits must be requested from the regional authorities. Also there are many opportunities for saltwater fishing along the coasts of Spain, and boats can be hired to go out to see for fishing.

is becoming increasingly popular
, with both Costa del Sol and La Manga emerging as two of Spain's premier golfing destinations. At present, Spain has over 200 golf courses. Spain's mild climate allows for a long golf season. Tuition and equipment hire are widely available.

Spain also offers great opportunities for skiing, and there are many natural ski runs and winter resorts, all well equipped with facilities. There are five main skiing regions, including the Pyrenean and Cantabrian range and the southern Sierra Nevada.

Football is probably the most popular spectator sport, with clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona being among the most famous in the world. First-class matches are usually played on Sundays.

There is a magnificent horse racing track in Madrid with meetings in the autumn and spring; there is racing in San Sebastian in the summer and in Sevilla in the winter. The controversial but regularly thrilling bullfighting activity is still very much alive in Spain. Most towns only hold bullfights during their annual spring and summer fiestas.You can run with the bulls orjoin with the crowds at the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona. This famous running of the bulls through through the streets of the city center takes place every year in July, and attracts huge numbers of tourists.

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